Conflict of Interest

According to the Undisclosed conflict of interest in a submitted manuscript of COPE, the authors should declare no potential conflicts of interest or an incomplete list before proceeding further with review. Regards of Conflict of interest of COPE, there are some definitions of the processes for handling conflicts of interest of authors, reviewers, publishers.

For authors: authors should declare the potential conflict of interest in related to the work during the submission section, such as the list of academic competition or financial benefits.

For reviewers: reviewers should avoid the peer review process if there is relationship with any author. If the reviewers will not make objective comments, please reject to the peer-review invitation.

For editors: if editors are one of the co-authors, or the same institute with one author, even or there is possible potential conflicts, he/she should avoid the whole article process. Any editor processing the article, should not participate any decision of reviewers.