Erratum & Withdrawal Policy


Erratum refers to the correction of errors in articles that have been published in the Journal. An erratum usually will not affect academic results and reading. All errors in the article will be corrected during the editing and proofreading steps before the article is published. Both the editor and the author will thoroughly check the article for possible errors. If any readers find problems in the published article, please feel free to contact the email to report the problem, and the editor will correct the error immediately. Sometimes, errata are added to a recently published article or at the end of current issues.



All accepted but not officially published manuscripts may be withdrawn after submitting a reasonable and proper retraction request, and the author will be required to bear and pay part of the loss of the publisher, about USD 200. If during the application process, the author is judged to have committed academic misconduct or malicious retraction, etc., the publisher will not agree to the retraction. All manuscripts that have passed the retraction request will no longer be searched in the publishing system, all editorial work will be stopped, and authors will receive a formal retraction notice from the Journal Editorial Office.